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Edinburgh City Hall

I had hoped to post this much earlier, but I’m happy to say Edinburgh’s been such a thrill that I simply haven’t had time to sit down and write!

The city is unlike any other in Europe. For the first time in my two years in the Old World, I’ve come across a place that, at least in geographic terms, reminds me of home. In Edinburgh, the flat English fens are transformed into undulating cobblestones and majestic peaks. I did a morning run up to  Arthur’s seat, and was awestruck. Edinburgh is by far the only European rival to Canada’s geographical beauty – the hills and crags roll on into the horizon effortlessly. I wish I had brought my camera.

Edinburgh Old College

I’ve only seen a small part of the city, but I’m already enamoured. The 18th century architecture is almost perfectly preserved, and the interweaving of the ancient and modern uncommonly deft. The University is probably the only one of I’ve seen that rivals Cambridge’s beauty (sorry Oxford – well, not really).
I also managed to get to the National Museum, where I was thrilled to see a Canadian connection. Our very own Tommy Douglas! The glass made it very

Tommy Douglas, founder of Medicare

difficult to get a decent photo. Very good to see such a great Canadian (the greatest according to a CBC poll) get the recognition he so richly deserves. Socialism is indeed international!

I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed meeting amazing Canadian alumni, of whom I unfortunately do not have pictures yet. I  did however enjoy a fantastic evening at the New Club, where I tried my first haggis – very pleasantly surprised! Much spicier and richer than expected. Over the next few days, I can’t wait to have more haggis (I’m already looking) and to meet even more Cambridge friends. I’ll hopefully see the Parliament too!

New Club
The New Club

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